Everything ends…

So i think it’s time to say good bye! 


I’ve had this domain for three years, and in 2 months and 2 two days it will no longer be mine. Unless i decide to renew it. But the fact is i’ve left this neglected for at least a third of the time. 

My first two years of marriage have been wonderful. And I’ve learned a lot. Though I have much more to learn down the road.

I hope to be starting a new blog. Learn how to actually write more. But I think i found it so difficult to keep here because honestly, there are other things that draw my attention more. And it felt like more time was taken to make a blag post then to do what it is i love doing. 

Sorry I couldn’t  stick around with you all more. Maybe next time. 


And what I love doing is arts and crafts. and that is where my strengths lie. Not exploiting my family.



5 February, 2012 17:33

Prwtty awesome gifts this year

25 January, 2012 22:09

Whenever i get home late im always enticed to take a walk in the woods…tonight the path smells of horses. Probably a good thing i know better than to go in the woods at night.

24 November, 2011 18:26

Sweet potato casserole…just needs broiling.
Corn pudding…done. Roasted roots in apple cider with walnuts…done. String bean casserole…yum.

30 October, 2011 21:24

Happy Halloween!!! daniel made these.

Reader Help..

someone has to know this…a long time ago i heard about sandwiches that were kinda made like meat pies that were wrapped in newspapers i think for miners. I can’t remember what they are called or if i even have it right so if this sounds even vaguely familiar let me know..k thanks.

What I over heard at work today….

I was checking out some people, a couple with two children. The oldest child was a boy about 8 or so. The youngest was a girl about 4. The boy went off to use the bathroom while his parents finished checking out. Shortly there after, the girl looks at her mother and says “Potty”. The mother says “Yes he went to the bathroom” (referring to the little girls brother) The girl then says “NO, I need to potty” The mothers response?…

“No you don’t! You have diaper on!”

Seriously?! Seriously…WTF.

Most children have to be potty trained before preschool. This child was well past the ability to be trained. In fact she was being for it. But the mother out of sheer laziness decided to hold back her daughter’s developmental growth.

I can only say a pray for that girl and her family. I fear for her for the rest of her life if that is how she is treated on a regular basis.

And what is wrong with people that they have stopped parenting? Children use to be a source of pride and joy for society. And now people just breed for the sheer ability of being able to. Or the lack of ability in prevention. They have children and then forget about them. There are very few people who are active participants in their children’s lives. That actually take the time and pleasure to grow their children into wonderful people.

No wonder people irritate me so much…they were forgotten about long ago. And now they don’t know how to act as adults.

I really need to learn that when that anger comes up towards adult that they were once children begging for attention they never got.

18 October, 2011 13:15

We are on vacation this week. Hopefully soon i can start posting again.

Review: A Clash of Kings

A Clash of Kings
A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Much the same review as the first. For a 900 some odd page book, it really doesn’t seem to move to far from the beginning to the end of it. Though the story it’s self is good enough to make you want to keep going.
Still think it would be better if it wasn’t told from quite so many character views.

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17 September, 2011 16:32

OMG yum

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