Walking on the Moon

I didn’t plan on this as my first post…but here it is.

So I have a confession. I feel like the biggest idiot ever in this. But at the time that it was occurring, including the time leading up to and shortly after in fact, I was completely unaware of the whole moon/rocket event. I found out about it a week or so later. Truthfully, I thought it must have been a joke. I would hear mention of it in passing, see a brief line in posting. But I didn’t take an ounce of it seriously for another few days. I kept thinking “Come on! What’s the deal? Where’s this nonsense coming from?” After all if we bombed the moon wouldn’t I have heard about it before it happened? It’s not like the moon randomly decided to attack us and we had to fight back in self-defense. A preplanned bombing would make the news.
And it did. But apparently I was under a rock somewhere. Which I still find highly odd. I mean I’m constantly hooked to my computer. And while I, myself, am not a news junkie however, my father and his constant CNN and MSNBC hoping is. So it still confounds me how i missed out on all of this. Oh well. Nothing can be done about my lack of ignorance now.
It’s a month later and the rave about our fair moon is that it has water. Apparently A LOT more than previously believed. So what does that mean? It means the doors are opening wide for future moon exploration and possible inhabitation. Currently NASA is discussing the possibilities of a space station on the moon. This sounds wonderful! You remember being a kid in science class. Back when everything seemed possible because you didn’t understand anything. And living on the moon just seemed like a given. Well, it may end up happening after all and fulfill all our inner child’s dream of bouncing on the moon.
Hear’s the thing…i’m kinda cynical. I prefer “realist” but more people prefer cynic so we’ll go with that. Let me start of by explaining what I know of life in the most basic form. To live you need four things. Oxygen, Food, Sunlight, and WATER. (I know for some the whole sunlight thing can be disputed but in general it is a necessity…just go with it, k?) Here on Earth the oxygen and sunlight parts we get on a pretty regular basis, day in day out no effort, they are just there for the taking. The food part we have to put some effort into but can still manage. The water on the other hand is either there or it’s not. You can divert it or clean it if you find it. But you still need a starting point. LIfe revolves around water. Don’t believe me, look at the water cooler in your office and watch people hang out like antelopes in the Serengeti (they even poke up their heads to keep a look out for the boss/lion) Towns, hamlets, major cities, and huts have always been centrally located near water. That’s why people usually live near the Nile and not out in the desert around it.
What I am saying is that water being found does make it more possible to eventually live on the moon. We know how to reproduce food, sunlight, and oxygen. Water, as far as I know, can’t be created though. But if it’s already there? Well we better start packing up.
This is where i get cynical. Humans in my observation have a tendency to act like a plague. We find something take it over, control, and then ruin it. completely destroy it. THEN, we just move on. Leaving it behind to continue to rot. I now have to wonder if this is the fate of the Earth. Are we going to end up jumping ship one day and head on to new wilderness? Or will only the “well to do” be on that spaceship leaving the “not so well to do” behind to clean up their messes? Will the Earth become nothing more than a spherical slum? The dumping ground of our solar system?
I know i’m kinda blowing things out of proportion some. And these worries are long-term in nature. But i really don’t trust the human race to do the right thing in the end. We have always been more concerned with immediate gratification than worrying about the long-term consequences.


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