She’s Crafty

I haven’t painted in a while. And by while I mean years more than likely. I can’t even say the last time I did it. I have a laundry list of “to-dos” for projects. Perhaps later this week I’ll yank out my easel and swirl a brush or two. I guess I’m just a little worried since it’s been so long. I know it always takes a bt of time to limber up and get back in the flow. It can just be so discouraging until then. Part of me is always afraid that I lost it somewhere. Not to mention the general lack of time and space. I really need to start packing and seeing about a job transfer.

This is the last thing I painted…

I like it. I know it’s not great or anything but I love the blending in the skin tones.

Anyways, I have so many things I want to do. The thoughts of making a “to-do” is overwhelming right now in regards to it.
The short version would be:
1. Christmas
2. Packing/Sorting ( I have so much stuff I need to get rid of)
3. Then maybe and art project or two

Tip: For all those creative types out there this is the most important thing I can say, esp when it concerns projects that are also functional (such as afghans, clothing, etc). Be organized. Be prepared. Creativity can and often does hit at the most inconvenient time. And while some people work best in chaos not all of us do. For me it seems to hit right in the middle of a work day when there is no possible way to act on it. The last thing you need when these little clouds of creativity hit is to not be able to find the supplies. When you are unorganized you expend all that energy looking for a certain brush or hook or whatever and by the time you find it the energy has passed.

I’ll might end up doing a series on Organizing Crafts. It’s something I need to desperately do. Though I’m not sure I want to put in that time and dedication to something I’m going to have to end up moving.


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