One Small Step for Man Kind….

….One medium step for me!!!!

Aside from feeling kinda under the weather I found out some interesting things today. First of all, I called one of the stores where I’m moving to. And while I was told that there are currently no full-time openings (which I expected, that’s why I’m calling so early) the guy I talked to was very helpful. So later this week I’ll fill out paper work and call some other stores. See what ends up happening. While it’s still a bit earlier than I wanted to transfer since we aren’t getting married for 11 more months it’s still best to call now. Hopefully one of the postions I want will open. I called today ’cause honestly I just had this strong gut feeling that I HAD to. I’ve learned to not ignore my intuition in the past and I won’t do it with this. It’s amazing how scared I’ve been to call. I guess I’ve just been worried that I won’t beable to get my transfer and end up being screwed. Fingers crossed and still praying on this one. Any good thoughts will be greatly welcomed.

My whole stupid fear reminded me of this saying, something along the lines of “there are few moments in life to be a hero, but chances to not be a coward everyday” I’m sure i screwed that up. But today I faced one of those moments. Amazing how fear can hold you back.


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