Anyone wanna buy some junk?

I’m up to my eyeballs in things i really don’t need.

I started my transfer process last week. Trying to find a store out that there will take me full time (and hopefully in a desired position) So in the mean time I am trying to sort through things to make the move easier whenever a spot opens up.

I have a TON of arts and crafts stuff. And a buttload of books. The worse however is just the random knickknacks and things. I’m going to try to get rid of some of my less used art supplies through etsy and artfire. As for the junk i guess I’ll have to try ebay and craigslist. I live in a gated community that doesn’t allow for yard sales which really blows.

I wish I could convince someone to let me use their lawn for a weekend. Or set up a few blankets in parking lot some where. Not sure how you do that latter part though.

So right now I am stressing. It’s christmas time which means there is a mandatory to-do list that is ever-growing on top of this declutter that I need to take care of on top of finances and this crazy longing I have to be in Asheville where I belong.


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