Dirty Dancing is having a Good Relationship

I don’t know about you, but I love the movie Dirty Dancing. I grew up in the 80’s and was only a young child when this movie came out. I think I loved it because I was so young. Being a child watching it gave me the great opportunity to watch the movie with complete enchantment while avoiding all the “heavier aspects” of it. These “heavier aspects” are exactly why my fiance doesn’t like the movie.

But you know what? Despite that he still bought me the movie while he was out shopping the other day. And not only that, he said he would watch it with me too! I know this sounds terribly silly to be so excited about something so little. But this little thing means so much to me. And since I’m a girl I’m sure you realize that it’s not actually about the movie but some super secret underlining thing. And yes it is. It’s about the fact that he cares enough about to suffer through a movie he would rather not. The fact that he is not only willing to do this, but willing to do it all on his own. It really makes me feel like the luckiest girl ever. It’s when he does things like this that I truly see how much he cares about me.

I love those moments in life when it kinda hits me out of now that he really does love me. I’m not saying that I ever think he doesn’t or that I second guess it. It’s more like a week’s worth of emotions are balled up and I am hit with them all at once.

The thing is that this is what a relationship is about. It’s about watching a movie you don’t really want to because you know it makes them happy. It’s about putting someone else before you and for no other reason than because you care. I can only hope that I treat him as lovingly as he does me so that he never feels like it’s taken for granted.


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