Adventures in Shopping

‘Tis the season… to go broke!

This is the first Christmas season I have really looked forward to in long long time. Honestly though, next years will be even better since I will get to spend it with the one person I want to most. So this year I’ll let the sugar plums dance in my head and dream on about next year.

In the meantime I have learned one of the top homemaking abilities out there. Couponing!!!
I know a lot of people say it’s a waster of time but you can be assured it’s not. There’s soooooooo much more to it than just cutting out slips of paper too! There’s a whole world out there of free samples and sales and match ups.

Right now I’m not going to go into too much detail about it. I’m still learning myself so I’m probably not the best qualified either. But a quick summary: There are two ways to save on a grocery bill.
1) Find sales. I know it seems pretty basic but you would surprise how many people just grab and go. You need to make a list of sale items and learn not to be brand loyal on everything. Don’t get me wrong, there are just some things that “Brand X” are so much better for. But there are sales on different ones and you may find something you like better and cheaper.
2) Coupons This is where things can start getting complicated but worth while. You can find coupons EVERYWHERE. Your Sunday paper, online, from manufactures and even Facebook is now getting in on it. Once you make a good stock pile you’ll need to learn the best way to organize them.(I’ll go over that later) And then learn your stores’ policies. That’s very important cause it can help you out greatly.

Now, here’s the BIG secret. It’s learning to use these two rules together. Like I said there’s a bit more to it. But the long of the short… If milk is on sale from 3.99 to 2.99 you save a dollar. But you add a coupon for .55 and it brings it down to 2.44… shop some place that doubles those coupons and you save 1.10 making your final cost 1.89 a total savings of 2.10. That’s more than 50% of the original cost. Imagine doing that for everything on your list.

It takes a lot of planning but your grocery budget is one part of a household budget that can really be cut to save money.

My first time I saved over 20.00 on a 50.00 bill with just coupons. My second time I cut my bill in half just by planning my trip around sales.

What can I say? I am super hooked on this. It’s a wonderful high! And I’m sure my fiance will get tired of hearing me say “Wait, I have a coupon for that!” But it’s kinda fun too.


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