Merry Christmas Day Eve!!!

So, this is my last Christmas alone with my parents. My last Christmas as a Miss. It’s sad and exciting. More so than anything though I can’t wait to be with Daniel as his wife next Christmas.
Him and I celebrated early in the week and he ended up leaving Wednesday. I had an awesome time with him. We went to see two movies (New Moon and Boondock Saints 2) and both of them we had the theater to ourselves so no whispering purring them. Just full-blown picking on the movies without a care about bothering anyone else. Also, we went to a candy store! I real candy store. It was amazing. I was so giddy the whole time. It really is an interesting experience.
We had a Christmas dinner with my parents which was nice. Then we exchanged gifts. My favorite was a wee Diego dressed like a vampire from him. It’s silly, but it’s probably my favorite gift all Christmas for sentimental reasons.
This morning it was just my parents and I. It would have been nice to have more of the family together but I don’t foresee that happening any time in the future. Best gift from my parents: a kitchenaid artisan stand mixer! Woo hoo.

With not only the end of the year approaching but also the begining of so many new aspects approaching I can’t help but take stock of my life. Lately, I keep working things over in my head that I feel need to be improved. I’m not one for resolutions, every time I make one I never keep it. But there are changes that I need to start. It’s just a bit overwhelming right now.

So as I get those things figured out, it will help to figure out the setup of this blog a bit better. I want to start adding some monthly regulars and such. We will see.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the Holiday season! Merry Christmas


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