Something Blue

I’ve been in a kinda bad depression now for a couple days. I had the flu earlier this week when I started vacation. It caused me to vomit ,among other things, for almost 6 hours straight. I think part of this depression is just not being able to completely shake the sick. I’m supposed to be getting things ready to move in a couple of weeks. But, I’m not getting nearly as much down as I want.

Thing is I’m not moving. I’m moving my stuff. I will still be here at the beach while all my things will be in the mountain. Which Im really excited about. It means I’m one step closer and one step down from being able to start my life. But being depressed it’s only letting me focus on the negative right now. That being I still can’t be with my fiance. Our time together has been short and further between lately, due to holidays and money. And I know that the long distance will end shortly. It’s just the hardest part right now. What is it they say, it’s darkest before the storm? I hate being this upset.

I feel like I’m just sitting here in limbo waiting for my life to begin. I know once my stuff is moved and everything I will feel so much better, but then I’ll be waiting on the transfer still. We will see. I know this will pass, just not sure when.


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