Last Day

I’m kinda excited and bummed out right now. Tomorrow is my first day back at work after vacation. A vacation that was pretty crappy. Yesterday I started to take a bit more vitamin D then normal and it has really helped improve my mood. So i took some acidophilus on top of that to try to help kick out the remnants of my tummy problems. And it’s been making me feel pretty great. So I got a lot done yesterday. Though not nearly as much as I had planned to the whole week. I will be so much happier when the move is over.

Today is dreary and rainy. The kinda day you just want to lay around and read all day. I’m re-reading a series of books I have. I needed something entertaining and brain mushy not something too heavy. Plus the largest part of my packing is my books so it’s not like i can keep them all out. So I’m on book two in the Sookie Stackhouse series…for the second time. Though if i remember correct i wasnt the biggest fan of the second one. We will find out. I am going to make a list of the books i plan to read this year. Mostly it will be new realises for series i follow but there are a few more in there that i want to read.

Tomorrow, Daniel is interviewing for a new position at his job. I’m really excited and hopeful as it will take him off his crazy third shift hours. And that would be wonderful for when we are married, even though at this point i have no idea what hours I’ll get after my transfer. (not to mention it means I can watch scary movies again since i hate sleeping alone after them now…i’ve become a wuss)
So, I’ll be nervous and praying about that.

Other than that nothing new. Feeling the guilt of procrastination.


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