A fart in the wind

We all have those days. The days that we can’t really take anyone. Where it seems like all the stupid poo in the world has piled on you in the form of being an idiot magnet. I’ve been having those days. unfortunately, it’s coming in small doses over several days instead of taking it all at once.

I’ve really gotten tired of people who think the deserve something solely because a thought crossed their mind like a fart in the wind. Nobody feels they need to be responsible anymore. They don’t take in to concideration that maybe they don’t get what they want because the don’t put enough into it. Or there are people out there that just have no idea how asinine the things they say are.

I mean we all have bad days. Some of us are a bit more prone to bad luck and i get that. But there are also a lot of people out there who have no want to look in the mirror and maybe say “hey I fucked up”. It’s just another blood-boiler for me. Nobody owes you anything. Remember that.


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