Stress Level: HIGH

I didn’t write at all last month and I hate that. But, in my defense it was a VERY busy month.

After I finally shook off the flu it was moving time. My wonderful fiance rented a car and came down and helped me move. It was four days of terror. Having the flu prior to the move hindered me from packing like i wanted to. So when Daniel got it here it wasn’t just packing the truck…it was packing the boxes that went into the truck. Luckly, my parents helped load, while his mother and brother helped unload. It totally could have been a much worse situation then it ended up. But it was way too stressful. All moves are.

The I also celebrated my 29th birthday during the move. Just a pleasant evening meal with the Daniel and the rents.

We also celebrated Valentines and our second anniversary.

On top of that we had to get a new car with in a short period of time. Got a nice used one really cheap.

When I got back to the beach I ended up getting sick again about two weeks later.

I just got over that.

Right now i need to nail down my transfer date and pray that nothing has fallen through. Also, I’m in training mood at work as the try different people out to take over my spot. And my manager and I are leaving at the same time (her on maternity leave)

I’ll be happy when the year is done. But, for now, I feel a lot better just having my stuff up there. Today I ordered a Garmin GPS. Which took two weeks of obsessing about to pick on. Fingers crossed i don’t end up with buyer’s remorse. i suck with electronics. In away though this little device seems to have become my security blanket. When I move to Asheville I’m not going to know my way around. And while getting lost is the best way to learn it’s not something i need to do on the way to work.

I’ve also decided where i want my education and career to go. But that’s for a later date. For now my worry is transferring everything and getting settled and then the wedding.

Sorry it’s been so long. Love you.


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