Sorry About That

So, I moved up to asheville, nc. I am now an Ashevillian. Durring the move we decided to move up the wedding date too. It’s been a very busy time. I moved up around the end of march..geez I can’t remember the exact date already. Brain is already overloaded. I was here for about a week and then started at my new store.

There is a lot of nice things at my new store. But it is new. Which means I still don’t know anyone. I haven’t proved myself and feel pretty incompetent. But it’s only been a couple weeks and it is getting better.

The wedding has been set for the 15th of May and we are only having family and a few friends. And I really hope the family gets along at least for the day.

I was staying with friends of our until we get married. And in all honesty i was really apprehensive about it. Not because of them, they are great people and I appreciate everything. They are really helpful and friendly and have a great way of making you feel at home. I was just worried out of my own insecurities. Horribly enough, I realized that not only had I psyched myself out but that I would really benefit and enjoy the experience they moved. The bought their first house and its beautiful. The problem was that it’s on the side of the mountain and I had a horrible panic attack when i tried to drive up that there cause me to freeze and just flip out. Thankfully, Daniel realized what was going on and that I was just being a baby and really helped me. But im still unable to make the drive. So he’s staying with them for the time being.

I feel so silly about the whole thing and I hate it. I hate being an inconvenience. which is why I was apprehensive about moving in in the first place. I didn’t want to get in the way or be a bother. And then I freak. 😦

Anyways, so the wedding is CLOSE. Three weeks and one day. We have my dress which my fitting and alterations were thankfully squeezed in. I actually have my second fitting and pick up the day before the wedding. We have the rings, and his tux. I’m breaking in my rainbows. And we are having 12bones for the food. So we need the cake, place and flowers and will pretty  much be set.

I look forward to this being over. I can’t wait to be a wife. And I’m glad i have so many people around that are so helpful and encouraging.


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