One More Week of Being the ” MISS “

Ok i’m a little peeved right now. I just wrote a nice blog about the last week and the coming week and when i went to publish it it desappeared. Pretty Crappy!
SO sorry to say this, but this will be a shorter version.

Last Saturday…
Daniel and I had the best day I’ve had in a long time.
We actually started it out with a pre-marital counsling session with the counsler from his old church. She was pretty wonderful, and while I wont get into too much detail right now I will say that sometimes you really need an impartial third party to some things to get it through your head.
We decided that we will keep going to her for a while since we didnt get to do the full pre-marital due to me living out of state. Plus we really want to do what we can to build a good foundation form the start instead of screwing up and trying to back track down the road.
SO after that the day consisted of 12 Bones for lunch, mmmmmmmmm cornpudding. Then we went to the carl sandburg home and national park to play with goats. It was a perfect day to be outside and it was so peaceful. I have to admit prior to this i had no idea who he was, but I’m pretty intergued to learn now. Esp, more in reguards to his relationship with his wife. After that we visited a couple of bookstores then ate dinner and called it a night.

NEXT SATURDAY…. It’s the BIG day.
We basicaly have everything done at this point. I found and awesome hairdresser. Daniel got the cake and i’ll be carrying daisys 🙂
Now, just no rain, every one get along, and my dress fit and we will be set. Unfortunitly with the short notice in order to be squeezed in to have the fitting they could only do it with me picking it up the day before the wedding. I really hope i ahve gained any weight or they screwed anything up. Ok, enough, BREATH. One more week! hehehe. It makes me giggle. I can’t wait.


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