Meet the Missus

That’s me. Daniel and I got married on saturday, May 15th.

The day was kind of a blur. A lot of well wishes and such. And plenty of running around. Getting flowers and my hair done. Decorating the picnic area some before the wedding. It was crazy. Then the worry about family colliding that doesn’t speak to each other.

My father walked me down the board walk to the tree we got married under in the bird sanctuary. He kept me at ease by making jokes and such, commenting on my hurried pace. I just wanted it over at that point. We have been through so much in planning and waiting I was ready. I was so nervous and worried. I hate being the center of attention err any attention for that matter. But it’s true what they say. Once you see your groom standing at the end of the aisle ( or dirt path in this case) it all slips away. And while neither of us can recite the ceremony word for word now, we both know it was beautiful. The pastor did a wonderful job. And Daniel held my hand the hold time. Even when i was close to squeezing his fingers off. Neither of us cried. Which I was thankful for, because if i had started i wouldnt have stopped. though we did come very close. I do remember the sound of the frogs, and the birds, and the thunder in the distance. And my wonderful husbands eyes.

After the ceremony him and walked the rest of the sanctuary to get some time alone and reflect. While looking out over the pond a bird pooped on my shoulder. I was super excited about this! I’ve always been told it was good luck. And on top of that it rained that day too, but only a little and only during the reception. Which is also good luck. We took lots of pictures and talked with everyone. Kept it kinda short and sweet. Daniel’s bet man drove 18 hours to be there, and my maid of honor was a true a blessing.
While we didn’t get to have nearly everyone we wanted there, we did have a wonderful bunch of supportive and loving people. Daniel at one point has asked where his wife was because we needed to take photos. It took a good long minute to realize that was me. It’s going to take some getting use to.

I guess thats about it for now. It’s time to embark on my new role as wife.


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