An interesting Week.

I’ve had a pretty busy week. My friend came for a visit from up north. It was great to see her. I had to work most of the time though so I didn’t get to see her as much as I wanted. I did get to go to the Arboretum though. And then I took her to a local show at the Orange Peel. Which was bitter sweet. We meet up with some friends, but my husband didn’t get to make it do to work. And he was so looking forward to it. 😦
Let’s see though, what else happened. Spent some time lazy-ing around Barnes and Noble, for old times sake. Almost died laughing while trying not to. I would explain the story but really, if you werent there for it its no good. Then my husband and I went to a BBQ sunday afternoon, follwed by an evening of King Lear at the Montford Park Playhouse. We only ended up staying for three acts though in hopes of catching some fire works and getting to bed earlish for work.

Though the fire works didnt happen. We made a wrong turn. But I saw something that to me seemed even more amazing…. people! I know that sounds silly but it’s true. We were driving into downtown and people were pulled over everywhere…and I mean EVERYWHERE. Even on the side of the interstate. People sprinkled everywhere. Crammed in and squished whereever their butt could find a spot. There was something very mesmerizing about it. le Sigh.

Anyways, we went to see How to train your dragon and it was one of the cutest movies ever. Then we said good bye to my friend as she drove off into the sunset. (well, not really, we dropped her off at the hotel so she could pack and such) Ans then last night my husband and I went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo It was a wonderful movie! I feel stupid admitting this though, I had no idea it was a forgien film until we were watching the opening credits. I’m not sure how i missed that. But I have now seen my first Swedish film. Warning to anyone who wants to watch it though… it is very dark and deals with the subject matter of the sexual abuse of women. it’s deffently not for everyone.

Reading about my week it pretty nice. It was eventful, even if i cant remember everything.


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