A little bit of POP

Ok, so I’ve been meaning to watch this video for a while now. But I realize that it’s not so much that I’m losing my mmnd as it is that there is just way too much on my mind for anything to hold the forfront of attention for too long. Guess I need to start some regular meditating.

Anyways, I kept hearing about the controvosry of Lady Gaga’s video Alejandro. Like I said I wanted to see what all the issue is about. So I finally looked it up on youtube and watched it. You can go here to read a summed up version of why people are upset about it and I can see how it would bother some people. But lets face it, the girl is out there. She’s living art. And while i may not agree with some of it she’s mostly going for shock value.

My opinion on it….to me I guess you can search it and find some deep meaning behind it all. However, my initial impression is that the video is nothing more then an homage to Madonna’s early career during her time of controversy. There are many scenes in the video that even take direct dance moves and scene set ups from a pleathra of Madonna’s old videos.

I guess in the end, if you want to be offended go ahead. You have a right. You want to enjoy it on a superficial value, again knock your socks off.

The video is a reminder to me that art school (and community) isn’t about talent its about being able to bullshit value.


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