Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. Jr

This is my baby….well one of three. But Sammy holds a special place in my heart.

beginning of spring last year sammy just showed up on my back porch. This was shortly after i had joked with daniel that we needed a black and white cat to round out or little menagerie.

My father didnt want to let the cat in. We already had two plus another that had showed up a week before (She had been abandoned by a neighbor). But then it starting raining and sammy wormed his way in.
THis winter i ended up getting the flu (possibly the swine flu) i had never been sicker in my life. I was throwing up every twenty minutes for six hours….and sam didnt leave my side once. At one point he rested his paw on my head as i slept on the bathroom floor.
my husband and i went down to see my parents a couple weeks ago and to get sam. We gave them a kitten from the barn at his work.
Late last week sam became ill he was drooling and not acting right. I debated for some time as to what to do and finally took him to the er vet.

My wonderful husband came and sat with me after he got off work. Hours later we found out he has a virus and it has to run its course. each cat gets it differently and its highly contagious. Our other two we think may have already had it just in smaller degrees. we thought they were just depressed between the kitten that stayed the week and then sam moving in.

So they gave us some pills and pain meds. He’s doing great now. Following me around sleeping next to me. Him and the other cats are starting to get along even. Great news, right?

Yeah, then i found out about Niko. He’s my cat i’ve had for ten years, given to me by my then best friend. I didn’t bring him when i moved because my mom got attached to him and honestly, i didn’t think with his health he could take the move (hes 26 lbs and just not in the best of shape) Apparently, our adorable little furry kitten is the carrier of this disease. And Niko, taking to her immediately got it. And bad! His tongue turned black and swelled to the size of a pinky finger. My parents took him to the vet and it seems they’ve never had a case of this disease. Great, now I feel bad for possibly starting an epidemic and damaging my old cat!

He’s doing better from what i’ve been told. The swelling in his tongue’s gone down. But I will keep worrying for the next couple weeks until we know he’s better. 😦


2 thoughts on “Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. Jr

  1. Stupid fill out comment thingy…..That sucks about Niko I’m glad he is doing better though and glad you now have Sammy with you. How is live? Love the blog….finally i’m commenting. Hope all is well!!! Miss you!!!

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