Sam Update

I love him even more…though i kinda wanted to choke him. He woke me at three oclock this morning. Not pleasant…im still friggen tired. He got a toy stuck under some things, or so i thought. seems it was a mouse!
Yeah, I know. I didnt go back to sleep for a few hours after that.
I watched Sam literally play with him. Yes, it was a him. Sam would carry him around in his mouth, let him go and chase him. When the other cats tried to get the mouse Sam got really pissed.
the best part, the part i don’t think i will ever forget and hope i never do was when sam was sitting there the mouse was in front of him. sam tried to sniff him, and the mouse sat back on his hind legs and tried to swat at Sam’s nose. It was cute and tragic. I have no idea if he was playing or really making an effort. Either way I made a trip at 3 this morning to the park to let him go.

Praying we only had a mouse and not mice.


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