Twilight, not the book(or the movie)

pictures suck, i really need an awesome super high power camera to take the pictures i want.

Tonight there was a beautiful sight. The Harvest Moon rose on the first day of Fall. But on top of that the sun was setting at the same time causing a weird twilight to occur and a “super” moon.

So i dragged my sick ass out of the house and went to look for the highest point I could find to try to watch both the setting and rising. Sometimes thats hard to find in the mountains. I ended up on the top level of a parking garage at a shopping center. And while sitting there i thought i was gonna miss it cause it was cloudy. And to a point I did. So i didnt get to see the moon in its full glory. But I did get to see it slowly rise up out of the clouds.

It is well and truly Fall! My first fall really in almost ten years. My veins are singing, the happiness I have right now is so great I think I’m going to burst from my skin. My legs are jittery and ready at any moment to carry me off into the woods. My mind is raising with creativity as muses whisper in my ears. My heart is three sizes too big! And truly there will never be enough words to describe the feeling of love i have right now. between fall settling in, my wonderful new city, some really great friends, and the best husband i could ever hope for… I am content.

Don’t get me wrong, ill still keep moving forward but i am HAPPY. And at a lost as to how describe it.

for more on the moon copy and paste this link….i can’t figure out how to insert it without it making the whole post a link :/ and i dont feel like looking it up right now.


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