Picture spamming the universe

I’m getting a bit peeved. I’ve had a great and wondeful week. One that I want to blog about (cause lets face it, blogs are the new diary) but I’m having issues with the whole photo thing. I have too much to say to make it a blog from my cell as the 1000 character limit would be reached very quickly. Though I still tried to to send a few pics to the blog…that never showed. then I set up a flickr account to see if that would help since i have camera photos and cell photos… well i can’t remember my log in. One log in was a personal one for family stuff. but the one that i have the address to send photos too, well the login i thought was attached isnt! So i’ve now sent photos out to random places and have no idea where they are.

Kinda frustrated right now. đŸ˜¦


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