Smile like you mean it.

I’ve had so many things i wanted to write about. Then last week, sadness hit. The kind that I don’t even want to contemplate sharing. Sorry. But it’s kinda left me with a void. One that keeps pulling me back from doing things i want. that and theres something wrong with my hip. I literally have a pain in my ass lol.

so yes, i here. and i still have so many things left on my todo list…including uploading my photos. it’s amazing how difficult that is when you haven’t done it in a while.

anyways, i go on vacation soon. Hopefully some things will get settled out then. Including finishing unpacking what’s in the house. which we need to do since we have baseboard heating and theres boxes infront of it.

until then i just have to force myself back into the world. and go through the motions until i feel it. So, noms then friends tonight. for a bit atleast.


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