A week later…( orginally writen on oct 20th)

the pictures i posted from last week were from a wonderful date i had with my husband.

We traveled up the parkway, and I think i did very well, I have a deathly fear of heights ( yeah i know moving to the mountains was a smart move on that one). It was worth it though. We went to the Pisgah Inn for dinner. We got there right as the sun was setting which was a wee bit later then we had hoped. But it was still beautiful! My husband I perused the gift shop and grounds. He bought me an adorable metal owl. While we waited the 45 mins to be seated we went out on the porch to watch the last bits of the sun set. The air became chill rather quickly from there.

We went to grab a glass of wine from the little bar set up. Only after the bartender had poured both glasses did we find out that she only took cash. Of which between the two of us we only had about two dollars. since she was closing up she gave us a glass on her (i gave her my last two dollars feeling absolutly horrible about it)

When we finally sat down for dinner we were starving. There is a wall only of windows set up so you can enjoy the amazing view. which is what contributed the extended wait. However, at that point we could only view the dark in its vastness.

But I cant complain about it. The atmosphere was wonderful. The dim lights and warm room. Despite being packed in with many stangers i felt like i was there only with my husband. Which we needed. It had been some time since we had a date like that.

it’s good to pretend your on a first date, no matter how many others have come and gone since the first first date. its good to talk and learn about someone. And that’s something we always forget to do. When we’ve known someone for any amount of time we think we know them in and out. And it’s not true. We change. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’ve changed. As it was kinda explained to me, your favorties change, food, movies music. You don’t like the same things at 20 you did at 10. And the same goes for your spouse. And your friends for that matter. People think when you get married that you just know things. You function as team because you’re connected. When the truth is that it’s work. Tons of work. But it’s some of the most satisfying work out there.


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