My Turkey Post

AKA What I’m Thankful for.

This was my first Thanksgiving! Ok not really, I’ve eaten turkey before. But it was my first thanksgiving with daniel and his family. It was my first thanksgiving as husband and wife. And the first thanksgiving ive ever cooked for!

It was a small event. My husband, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and a friend of mine. We did it wednesday night due to my husband having to work today. We did a lot of cleaning and cooking yesterday. And to be honest it started off kinda rocky for us. I come from a family where pretty much my mom’s the only one cooking. So i felt stressed at that thought like the whole night rested on my shoulders. But the truth is my husband was wonderful helping in both cooking and cleaning. Next year I just have to remind myself before it gets to far into the day that I’m not alone in it and maybe it will go a bit smoother.

Our first turkey turned out great! And i was pretty pleased with everything else. As was everyone else i think. Atleast I haven’t heard of any food poising so that’s that least we can ask for.

So on to the praises. What I am thankful for? I am thankful for:
a job, one i may not be fond of but that pays the bills and right now thats important; a cozy little apartment; a hometown that i love and adore and fall a little in love with each day; three cats, one that sleeps onthe tub with me, one that crawls under blankets and another that follows me around, wonderful old friends that have stuck through time, some super awesome woman that have become great new friends that i admire and look up to; family that loves me; and above all a husband who i know will stick it out with me and love each day, who i dont think i coudl possibly love more but always find a way; and a God that shows me he cares every day and never turns his back on me even when i have to him.

Happy Thanksgiving (eat until you pop) Day


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