Review: Red Riding Hood

Red Riding HoodRed Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the first time that I have read a book based on a movie and not the other way around. And because of that I’m not quite sure how tot take the book. Does it follow the store more closely then if it was reversed? That I can’t answer until I see the movie when it comes out soon.

However, I can say this…the story is enjoyable. It it the basic Little Red Riding Hood tale with a good little twist. The wolf is a Werewolf, you capital "W" there. And to be honest with you looking back on the old story the idea of it being werewolf actually seems pretty fesable. I mean come on, a wolf takes on the guise of a human to get its noms on. what’s really more beleavable, a werewolf or a wolf in drag?

Basic story: strange girl doesn’t "fit in" in her village of yore. Most sought after man in village loves girl. Girl kinda apathitic to everything…except for her long lost friend who returns a decade late out of thin air, the "bad boy". Wolf starts hunting people. Everyone accuses everyone else of being the wolf. Big showdown salem witch trail style. Girl and boy (can’t tell you which one 😉 ) get together.

I read this book in a few short days. I was routing the whole time for the "safe" guy. And enthralled enough to find out who was the wolf that I kept going through.

There were only minor irratations along the way.

such as: 1. why was there so much ocean imagery? refrences to seashells and tides and such. things that i doubt any villager there had even heard of. it just seemed out of place.

2. between the girl and the bad boy the chemistry is developed waaaaaay to fast. In a matter of page. Perhaps it is that fast in the movie, but one of the joys of a book is that you have a chance to expand apon things.

and finaly 3. (this one is just petty) but in the preface it is stated that the book is writen based off the movie idea of taking little red riding hood and making the classis tale dark. Hello? the original version is EXTREMLY dark and this one doesnt touch it.

anyways, I enjoyed it and recommend as a good quick read.

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