Another change

Im pretty scared right now. We are getting ready to move again. This will be the third time in a year for me and almost the same for my husband. Im scared cause its something new again. Which, always means the possiblity of failing. BUt im excited in so many ways! We had an incident a few weeks back in our old apartment. We had a rapod growing mold infestation that in the matter of three days devoured a good bit of persona possesions in out bedroom. So we are actually breaking lease a few months early, with the landlords permission. Though I will say in the matter of it all I dont think he handled it quite as good as he could have. He let us leave which is great, but implied that the mold was our fault do to the dryer not ventalationg properly. which is complete BS.

So anyways, moving to a bigger place, with a gas stove! and dish washer! two bedrooms! two bath! third floor! water included!!! pretty happy. though for a bit we will be pauper-ishly living. Which is ok. And I guess that’s what im worried about. But we can do it.
So do to this we have gotten rid of the inter-ma-nets and cable. Well, for money and for time purposes. We both realized how much we are avoiding life and honestly God too by being sucked into the black hole of the interwebs.

I just hope the move goes smoothly. And all prayers are welcomed!


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