Lies they tell you about being married…

“Don’t go to bed angry”

I find this to be one of those crazy lofty ideas that people feel bad that they can’t live up to. You always know at least one couple that will sit there and say the live by this motto. Personally, I think it’s a load a crap. And if you don’t believe then I want you to look at a tired kindergartner kid way past nappy nap time. The tantrums alone could be used as secrete weapons of defense in a world was.

I don’t know about you but the act of being tired and running on low is enough to make anyone cranky and pick a fight. And guess what? My husband and I are no different. Sleep is a very important part of life. It regulates your health, both physically AND mentally. And really the only time my husband and I really fight is when one or both of us has been over taxed and dealing with a lack of sleep.

With that being said putting off sleep to try to remedy a problem actually is counter intuitive as you end up suffering more loss in vital snooze time…only escalating the cranky factor.

You kinda feel like a bad person if you go to bed angry. And while you lay in bed waiting for your heart rate to come down so you can go to sleep you sit there and wonder “Am I a bad person cause I want to wait till tomorrow?” I say “NO” you’re not a bad person. You are reasonable and logical person. It’s smart to to take time and back away from a fight. Give both yourself and the other person some space to cool their heels. And an opportunity to not lash out just to be spiteful (cause you know at 2am you’re not thinking straight, right?)

So, I change the above statement to “Sleep on it”

Remember this isn’t only true for marriages but most relationship. You are allowed for “time outs” and a chance to think.


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