Everything ends…

So i think it’s time to say good bye! 


I’ve had this domain for three years, and in 2 months and 2 two days it will no longer be mine. Unless i decide to renew it. But the fact is i’ve left this neglected for at least a third of the time. 

My first two years of marriage have been wonderful. And I’ve learned a lot. Though I have much more to learn down the road.

I hope to be starting a new blog. Learn how to actually write more. But I think i found it so difficult to keep here because honestly, there are other things that draw my attention more. And it felt like more time was taken to make a blag post then to do what it is i love doing. 

Sorry I couldn’t  stick around with you all more. Maybe next time. 


And what I love doing is arts and crafts. and that is where my strengths lie. Not exploiting my family.



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