Why we are here…

March 4th 2009- Daniel, the love of my life, proposed to me. We have set the date to marry October 17th 2010. However, we ended up throwing together a quick wedding and got married May 15th 2010 instead!

My name is Karen. Since my engagement, and even before, I have realized that I am lacking what I like to refer to as “wifery skills”. I’ve never been taught to cook or the ultimate power in stain erasing. And while I do posses some basic skills in cleaning, crafting, sewing etc. However, none of them, I believe, are honed to a tee. The modern-day American woman has lost the art of being a wife and mother. The have stopped taking pride in their ingenious and resourceful ways that support and take care of those they love.

The main purpose of this blog is to document my progress from a lazy single lady with little to no domestic skills to that of a productive wife with a full arsenal of homemaking abilities. I want to share my journey and hope to inspire through my mishaps and triumphs.

Welcome!!! ^_^


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