Another change

Im pretty scared right now. We are getting ready to move again. This will be the third time in a year for me and almost the same for my husband. Im scared cause its something new again. Which, always means the possiblity of failing. BUt im excited in so many ways! We had an incident a few weeks back in our old apartment. We had a rapod growing mold infestation that in the matter of three days devoured a good bit of persona possesions in out bedroom. So we are actually breaking lease a few months early, with the landlords permission. Though I will say in the matter of it all I dont think he handled it quite as good as he could have. He let us leave which is great, but implied that the mold was our fault do to the dryer not ventalationg properly. which is complete BS.

So anyways, moving to a bigger place, with a gas stove! and dish washer! two bedrooms! two bath! third floor! water included!!! pretty happy. though for a bit we will be pauper-ishly living. Which is ok. And I guess that’s what im worried about. But we can do it.
So do to this we have gotten rid of the inter-ma-nets and cable. Well, for money and for time purposes. We both realized how much we are avoiding life and honestly God too by being sucked into the black hole of the interwebs.

I just hope the move goes smoothly. And all prayers are welcomed!


My Turkey Post

AKA What I’m Thankful for.

This was my first Thanksgiving! Ok not really, I’ve eaten turkey before. But it was my first thanksgiving with daniel and his family. It was my first thanksgiving as husband and wife. And the first thanksgiving ive ever cooked for!

It was a small event. My husband, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and a friend of mine. We did it wednesday night due to my husband having to work today. We did a lot of cleaning and cooking yesterday. And to be honest it started off kinda rocky for us. I come from a family where pretty much my mom’s the only one cooking. So i felt stressed at that thought like the whole night rested on my shoulders. But the truth is my husband was wonderful helping in both cooking and cleaning. Next year I just have to remind myself before it gets to far into the day that I’m not alone in it and maybe it will go a bit smoother.

Our first turkey turned out great! And i was pretty pleased with everything else. As was everyone else i think. Atleast I haven’t heard of any food poising so that’s that least we can ask for.

So on to the praises. What I am thankful for? I am thankful for:
a job, one i may not be fond of but that pays the bills and right now thats important; a cozy little apartment; a hometown that i love and adore and fall a little in love with each day; three cats, one that sleeps onthe tub with me, one that crawls under blankets and another that follows me around, wonderful old friends that have stuck through time, some super awesome woman that have become great new friends that i admire and look up to; family that loves me; and above all a husband who i know will stick it out with me and love each day, who i dont think i coudl possibly love more but always find a way; and a God that shows me he cares every day and never turns his back on me even when i have to him.

Happy Thanksgiving (eat until you pop) Day

Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. Jr

This is my baby….well one of three. But Sammy holds a special place in my heart.

beginning of spring last year sammy just showed up on my back porch. This was shortly after i had joked with daniel that we needed a black and white cat to round out or little menagerie.

My father didnt want to let the cat in. We already had two plus another that had showed up a week before (She had been abandoned by a neighbor). But then it starting raining and sammy wormed his way in.
THis winter i ended up getting the flu (possibly the swine flu) i had never been sicker in my life. I was throwing up every twenty minutes for six hours….and sam didnt leave my side once. At one point he rested his paw on my head as i slept on the bathroom floor.
my husband and i went down to see my parents a couple weeks ago and to get sam. We gave them a kitten from the barn at his work.
Late last week sam became ill he was drooling and not acting right. I debated for some time as to what to do and finally took him to the er vet.

My wonderful husband came and sat with me after he got off work. Hours later we found out he has a virus and it has to run its course. each cat gets it differently and its highly contagious. Our other two we think may have already had it just in smaller degrees. we thought they were just depressed between the kitten that stayed the week and then sam moving in.

So they gave us some pills and pain meds. He’s doing great now. Following me around sleeping next to me. Him and the other cats are starting to get along even. Great news, right?

Yeah, then i found out about Niko. He’s my cat i’ve had for ten years, given to me by my then best friend. I didn’t bring him when i moved because my mom got attached to him and honestly, i didn’t think with his health he could take the move (hes 26 lbs and just not in the best of shape) Apparently, our adorable little furry kitten is the carrier of this disease. And Niko, taking to her immediately got it. And bad! His tongue turned black and swelled to the size of a pinky finger. My parents took him to the vet and it seems they’ve never had a case of this disease. Great, now I feel bad for possibly starting an epidemic and damaging my old cat!

He’s doing better from what i’ve been told. The swelling in his tongue’s gone down. But I will keep worrying for the next couple weeks until we know he’s better. 😦

So many things

I have so much to talk about. We are almost done moving in. Though we are deffently done moving out. We don’t have internet at the moment and will it’s a bit lonely without it, it’s also kind of a relief. We are emotionally and physically tired.

Stealing soup spoons.

2 more days!!!!!

I think I’m gonna scream. I’m not even really sure what I’m so nervous about. I mean I know I don’t do well with pre-planned social events. So yeah the whole being center of attention thing is playing with my nerves majorly. Then there is the worry about the logistics of it all, family, food, rain and such. Then deep down and underneth it all I’m deathly affraid that I won’t be a good wife. (actually, I finally figured that one out while typing) I guess that’s the one that is screwing with my emotions. It’s wonderful to think about my soon to be husband. And today we talked about his worries. And I feel horrible that I didnt see it sooner. I want to comfort him and I’ve realized how much I’ve screwed up already getting totally wrapped up in everything else.
I’m really doubting myselg right now. I know once we get past the actual wedding it will be fine. But right now I’m kinda high strung. Not that I don’t look forward to the wedding and everything, but I look more forward to Saturday night when everything finally settles in once we are alone.

I”m a little too rattle to really say too much right now. I”m sitting here worring about my parents, who are driving up right at this moment. I’m still breaking in my wedding shoe (second pair actually) And I’m deathly affraid of the last dress fitting.

Maybe it’s just been easier to focus on the possible dramas, and the physical demands then to deal with all the emotional things going on.

Only two more days…two more busy days.

Here We GO!!!

I have Mario on the brain. I’ve been playing the video game for a week now. I dream in mario now.

Anyways this is a huge year. A year that I am so excited about. One that I am also extremely nervous and scared about.

Top 3 Things of this year to come:

1. Move to Asheville.
2. Get my transfer with my job
3. Get married

Now, technically number 1 and 2 can be classified as the same thing. But we are gonna break them. I’m moving all my belongings out there next month. Which will actually help a lot but not putting the pressure on to move and start at a new place all at once over the period of a week. And honestly, once my stuff is moved that will remove a huge burden on me.

I’m driving my fiancé mad at the moment. I keep jumping back and forth from being scared to excited about moving.
When I moved to South Carolina ten years ago it wasn’t by choice. I don’t like this place and have never wanted to live here. So essentially I have just existed here. It’s not home and I’m not interested in being here.

Asheville on the other hand….geez! My feet are itching to get going. It’s different in every aspect from here. Not to mention I’ll my other half. But I’m also scared because I’m moving somewhere that I only know one person really. And I”m starting over away from any family.

So, unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be posting as much ad I want since I have A LOT of packing to do but I’m aiming for at least once a week.

One Small Step for Man Kind….

….One medium step for me!!!!

Aside from feeling kinda under the weather I found out some interesting things today. First of all, I called one of the stores where I’m moving to. And while I was told that there are currently no full-time openings (which I expected, that’s why I’m calling so early) the guy I talked to was very helpful. So later this week I’ll fill out paper work and call some other stores. See what ends up happening. While it’s still a bit earlier than I wanted to transfer since we aren’t getting married for 11 more months it’s still best to call now. Hopefully one of the postions I want will open. I called today ’cause honestly I just had this strong gut feeling that I HAD to. I’ve learned to not ignore my intuition in the past and I won’t do it with this. It’s amazing how scared I’ve been to call. I guess I’ve just been worried that I won’t beable to get my transfer and end up being screwed. Fingers crossed and still praying on this one. Any good thoughts will be greatly welcomed.

My whole stupid fear reminded me of this saying, something along the lines of “there are few moments in life to be a hero, but chances to not be a coward everyday” I’m sure i screwed that up. But today I faced one of those moments. Amazing how fear can hold you back.

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