What I over heard at work today….

I was checking out some people, a couple with two children. The oldest child was a boy about 8 or so. The youngest was a girl about 4. The boy went off to use the bathroom while his parents finished checking out. Shortly there after, the girl looks at her mother and says “Potty”. The mother says “Yes he went to the bathroom” (referring to the little girls brother) The girl then says “NO, I need to potty” The mothers response?…

“No you don’t! You have diaper on!”

Seriously?! Seriously…WTF.

Most children have to be potty trained before preschool. This child was well past the ability to be trained. In fact she was being for it. But the mother out of sheer laziness decided to hold back her daughter’s developmental growth.

I can only say a pray for that girl and her family. I fear for her for the rest of her life if that is how she is treated on a regular basis.

And what is wrong with people that they have stopped parenting? Children use to be a source of pride and joy for society. And now people just breed for the sheer ability of being able to. Or the lack of ability in prevention. They have children and then forget about them. There are very few people who are active participants in their children’s lives. That actually take the time and pleasure to grow their children into wonderful people.

No wonder people irritate me so much…they were forgotten about long ago. And now they don’t know how to act as adults.

I really need to learn that when that anger comes up towards adult that they were once children begging for attention they never got.


Debby Downers

I have to say that in no uncertain terms am I a “Positive Polly”. I”m pretty cynical and a perpetual worry wart. But I have to say that I’m really getting tired of the endless parade of curmudgeons.
No matter how negative I am I’m still a pretty happy gal. But lately all I hear out of a lot of people is just general poo-ing of EVERYTHING in life!

I know, I know. We all have bad days. We all need to bitch. I get that. I do that. That is not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to the people that I thankfully only know on a temporary time of day basis that NEVER ( and i seriously mean never) have a nice thing to say. You can talk about how wonderful and beautiful it is outside. They have to just remind you that the cool breeze makes their muscles ache. You can marvel at sweetness of a new puppy….they’ll just bring up the hair and drooling.

I mean really these are the type of people you can’t win with. And it’s getting on my nerves. These are also the same people who end up bitching about their lives. And guess what? Generally these people have shitty lives because all they do is put out negative vibes. I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times, but if you wake up in the morning and think “today is a bad day” and your feet haven’t even hit the floor, then yeah it will be. Because you won’t give yourself the chance for it to be anything else but bad.

perhaps I’m more so frustrated about this cause I’ve seen this behavior arise in some wonderful people in my life and it’s really hard to get rid of. I use to be that way myself. I still have my days. But, I also have a lot of good days. Every day I see my beautiful new home and watch the sun chase the clouds across the mountain tops my heart gets a little lighter. I remember to be thankful for a very wonderful and caring husband. And bad days WILL still come. But I know sometimes you need to just give in and mope and get it out of your system. But a lifetime isn’t a day!

A fart in the wind

We all have those days. The days that we can’t really take anyone. Where it seems like all the stupid poo in the world has piled on you in the form of being an idiot magnet. I’ve been having those days. unfortunately, it’s coming in small doses over several days instead of taking it all at once.

I’ve really gotten tired of people who think the deserve something solely because a thought crossed their mind like a fart in the wind. Nobody feels they need to be responsible anymore. They don’t take in to concideration that maybe they don’t get what they want because the don’t put enough into it. Or there are people out there that just have no idea how asinine the things they say are.

I mean we all have bad days. Some of us are a bit more prone to bad luck and i get that. But there are also a lot of people out there who have no want to look in the mirror and maybe say “hey I fucked up”. It’s just another blood-boiler for me. Nobody owes you anything. Remember that.

When did morals become bad?

In relation to my last post I received a bunch of questions from many co-workers today in regards to my eventual move. So of course living arrangements came up. I would say that 90% of the people I told or have mentioned to in the past that Daniel and I have decided not to live together before marriage have responded negatively.
Most commonly I was looked upon as though I had three heads, not two but THREE. I have been told that I’m stupid for doing that. After all, “how will you know you actually like him?” Yes, that’s an actual question I received. My response, “If I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t have said yes when he asked me to marry him.” I was told that “you never know someone until you live with them” Truth of that is that even living with them won’t always tell you who they are. Marriage is solely about commitment. The commitment to stick it out and be determined to not give up. Maybe you can’t stand your partner leaving their towel on the floor or squeezing the toothpaste in the middle, but you deal with it. And if those break your relationship than truth be told you’re either really uptight or you have other issues with the person you aren’t dealing with.
Fact is the divorce rate is higher in couples who lived together before marriage. Living together really doesn’t offer any benefits to the relationship other than financially. And while part of me wouldn’t mind living together before marriage due to our circumstances, we have been offered an alternative situation that will allow us to wait. And because of religious beliefs we will wait.
What gets me the most is the out right negativity I got for my choice. My choice that fifty years ago would have been the norm. I don’t look down one someone because they choose not to wait and I expect the same respect. If you don’t understand why I have chosen something, then ask me and discuss it. Don’t look down your nose at me as though you’re superior and try to degrade me. Personally, I look forward the offical-ness of moving in with each other after the wedding day. 🙂

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