What I over heard at work today….

I was checking out some people, a couple with two children. The oldest child was a boy about 8 or so. The youngest was a girl about 4. The boy went off to use the bathroom while his parents finished checking out. Shortly there after, the girl looks at her mother and says “Potty”. The mother says “Yes he went to the bathroom” (referring to the little girls brother) The girl then says “NO, I need to potty” The mothers response?…

“No you don’t! You have diaper on!”

Seriously?! Seriously…WTF.

Most children have to be potty trained before preschool. This child was well past the ability to be trained. In fact she was being for it. But the mother out of sheer laziness decided to hold back her daughter’s developmental growth.

I can only say a pray for that girl and her family. I fear for her for the rest of her life if that is how she is treated on a regular basis.

And what is wrong with people that they have stopped parenting? Children use to be a source of pride and joy for society. And now people just breed for the sheer ability of being able to. Or the lack of ability in prevention. They have children and then forget about them. There are very few people who are active participants in their children’s lives. That actually take the time and pleasure to grow their children into wonderful people.

No wonder people irritate me so much…they were forgotten about long ago. And now they don’t know how to act as adults.

I really need to learn that when that anger comes up towards adult that they were once children begging for attention they never got.


Can’t look away…

I just finished watching The Stoning of Soraya M.

It was definitely a hard movie to watch at times. The build up to the stoning is so slow and gradual and you are waiting for it to happen. But then when it finally gets to it you feel like it’s taking a life time to happen. You want it to be over with.
For any who feel I may have just given a spoiler away…suck it. That’s the name of the movie. It’s like Snakes on a plain. Besides, I really can’t say that there are spoilers or not to this movie. There really is in essence not even a plot. It’s based on a true story. It’s a moment in someone’s life. A very sad and tragic moment. The purpose of the film is awareness of this issue, the mistreatment of women. The brutal act of stoning. Its gut wrenching and not for the faint of heart.
But I will say that at the end, when the story-teller, Soraya’s aunt, succeeds in showing the lies and knowing that you are watching this movie because of her determination is amazing!

If you are passionate about women’s issues though I highly recommend watching this movie. It maybe hard to stomach but we can’t ignore things just because they aren’t pleasent.

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